The Opposition

The BNP 

 The main racist group in Cumbria is the British National Party.

The BNP have had a low level presence in Cumbria for a long time but in the last few years have been increasingly active and now have two parish councillors in Great Broughton and Wigton.

 This is part of a general trend across Britain in the last few years as the party’s vote has increasing steadily and it has won a number of council seats in local elections; currently they have 46.

 The BNP has moved from being an openly Nazi political party, which wasn’t very popular, to being a more subtle fascist organisation playing on concerns about immigration and anger at mainstream political parties like the Conservatives and Labour.

 Cumbria is a key target for the BNP, particularly at next years European elections, so it is highly likely we will see an increase in BNP activity between now and then.

A fuller history of the BNP and a discussion of their politics will appear on this site shortly.

The National Front

 The National Front are still about and making a nuisance of themselves but are a shadow of their former selves. All of their former leaders and a lot of their former members left to join the BNP some years ago.

Carlisle is the only area with a semi-functioning branch of the National Front but they don’t seem to do very much apart from an annual trip to walk through Newcastle city centre.

The Rest

 Around the country there are lots of other small groups most of who were either kicked out of the BNP at some point or are too stupid to realise they have to stop going on about Hitler all the time to gain some support.

 These include the British People’s Party, the England First Party, Blood & Honour as well as the Britian First Party and numerous other smaller groups, none of them have much originality when it comes to names, and are not worth wasting much time on since most couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery.

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