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The Beacon replies to the BNP

We’ve had to remove this post as The Beacon has been recieving abusive messages from BNP members and supporters.

Posted by: maryportagainstracism | December 19, 2008

A close one

The results from the by-election in Sandwith and Kells are in and for all the resources the BNP threw at the seat they still didn’t win.

Definitely no room for complacency in future though:

Wendy Skillicorn (Lab) 434
Simon Nicholson (BNP) 418 40.1%
Brigid Whiteside (Con) 190

This is one of the highest BNP votes in Cumbria and the highest percentage of the vote.

There are only a couple of positives for anti-fascists. Firstly, the turnout was very poor meaning that only a few people in the ward were receptive to the BNP’s message and this makes the percentage seem higher. Secondly, the BNP used multiple leaflets, canvassed the entire ward, had national figures up campaigning, set up a front group but still didn’t win.

This is a wake-up call for anti-racists in Cumbria. In future, we have to try harder as the result is too close for comfort.

Posted by: maryportagainstracism | December 16, 2008

Whitehaven By-election

A beautifully sunny day over the weekend ensured that anti-racists from Kells in Whitehaven along with others from across West Cumbria managed to leaflet the entire of Kells and Woodhouse in a couple of hours.

The BNP are standing in the by-election and have been throwing resources at the ward with several leaflets, canvassing teams, a visit by BNP leader Nick Griffin and the help out an odd front group.

In response to this the local group Whitehaven Against Fascism has been restarted, it was first set up last year but hasn’t been active as the main organiser moved away, and organised leafletting.

Local BNP organiser Clive Jefferson reports that there was a mysterious third party group handing out leaflets under the name ‘Whitehaven Taxpayers Against Corruption’ and claims to know nothing about them.

He has got a short memory, a group with a suspiciously similar name appeared in Carlisle during the Upperby by-election earlier this year. Looks like the tactic of setting up front groups is going to be a regular feature of BNP activity in Cumbria.

Posted by: maryportagainstracism | November 20, 2008

Entire BNP Membership List Leaked Online

That’s right, it’s been all over the news and it’s true that the BNP’s membership list has been leaked online. This is sure to cause a real ruckusin the party as accusations as to who the guilty party is are already flying with fingers being pointed at party chairman Nick Griffin as well as the dubious character Sadie Graham who split from the party last December. This is very serious for party members however as action begins to remove them from their jobs. Some of the membership includes clergymen, teachers and a serving police officer.

Some gems from the list however are;

  • A self-proclaimed witch.
  • The suggestion that a mental health nurse take a look at BNP legal ‘expert’ Lee Barnes.
  • One guy who loves England so much he emigrated to Poland.
  • A data security expert (not put to much use)
  • The most interesting for us local anti-fascist however is underneath Clive Jefferson, the local organisers name, is the detail

    “convictions – monitor”.

    It is also interesting to see that quite a number of BNP members have 88 in their e-mail addresses. This may of course indicate that they are all 20 years old however the more likely suggestion is that in line with far right tradition, 88 stands for the 8th letter of the alphabet twice which in turn stands for Heil Hitler. Interesting that the BNP who have tried so hard to remove their Nazi image allow so many Nazis into their ranks.

    Posted by: maryportagainstracism | November 9, 2008

    Lest We Forget

    We would like to show our disgust at the fascist BNP using Remembrance day as a sick publicity stunt. At a few of our local cenotaphs the BNP have been busy placing poppy wreathes and using it as a photo opportunity and a publicity stunt. This is not the purpose of remembrance Sunday nor should it ever be. Remembrance Sunday is to remember all those who fell in the two world wars, one of which was to rid Europe and protect Britain from fascism. The war dead would be spinning in their graves if they knew that their day is under the threat of being hijacked by people with the very same ideas that they paid the ultimate price to protect us from.

    Millions of British men and women died to keep Britain free from fascist tyranny and should be remembered for it and everyone who does should do so with pride and honour, but the BNP hijacking it for their own gain is a sick joke and a spit in the eye to all of the brave men and women from both wars.

    Lest we forget, fascism doesn’t start with gas chambers, it ends with them!!!

    Posted by: maryportagainstracism | November 2, 2008

    St. John’s Ward Results

    Gerald Humes (Labour) 452

    Simon Collins (Conservative) 394

    Clive Jefferson (BNP) 257)

    John Bracken (Independent) 113

    Alistair John Grey (Green) 55

    A disappointingly high vote for the BNP in Workington as any vote for the BNP is disappointing however the BNP, by their own admission were hoping for a lot more. The hard work of the anti-fascist leafleters in the ward as well as the moral conscience of the people of St. John’s, Workington paid off. Clive Jefferson previously known as Clive Aitken, a man infamous in the Workington area has been denied a space on the Allerdale council although the other parties must realise that if they want to keep fascism out of Allerdale, they must listen and work with the voters. However, no matter how bad the choice of candidates are, they can never be as bad as the fascist alternative. History has showed us this and the BNP’s personal track record has shown it too. 

    Well done to all anti-fascists who worked hard in the ward through torrential rain and wind who had travelled from as far afield as Carlisle, Barrow, Maryport as well as the people from Workington that helped out.

    Posted by: maryportagainstracism | October 3, 2008

    By-election coming up in Workington

    Following the death of local councillor John Heathcote there’s due to be a by-election in St John Ward, Workington on October 30th.

    The British National Party will be standing so members of Maryport Against Racism have agreed to help out people living in the ward to campaign against this racist party.

    Amazingly, the BNP have chosen Copeland organiser Clive Jefferson, who is actually from Cockermouth,  as their candidate.

    Older readers may know Clive Jefferson better as Clive Aitkin. Changing your surname like that might make people think you’ve got something to hide Clive!

    We’ve got some details about Clive’s shady past and previous activities but we would welcome more. Send us an email or leave us a comment, anyone with genuine information will treated in the strictest confidence.

    Posted by: maryportagainstracism | September 19, 2008

    Benefit gig in Carlisle

    Short notice but this Saturday, September 20th, Carlisle Against Racism have a benefit gig on at the Source Cafe, Nelson street, Denton Holme.

    It’s starting at 8 and the line up is:

    The Relatives
    Nick Jefferson
    Rob Heron
    My Little Madness
    Laura James
    John Bowie

    Should be a good night and Carlisle Against Racism should have another gig coming up on October 5th, details soonish.

    Posted by: maryportagainstracism | September 5, 2008

    BNP last in Barrow

    They just won’t take the hint will they?

    Newbarns ward by-election, Barrow-in-Furness, Thursday 4th September, the results were:
    Conservatives – 478
    Labour – 177
    Socialist Peoples Party – 155
    BNP – 104

    Before the results Mike Ashburner, the repeated failed BNP candidate, confidently predicted the BNP would come second. Wrong again Mike.

    At a time when the trend for the BNP vote across the country is up the BNP have had consistently bad results in the Barrow area, so well done to anti-racists activists in the area.

    Posted by: maryportagainstracism | August 12, 2008

    Nice try

    Coaches heading to the protests against Red, White and Blue in Derbyshire this weekend should take care they’re transporting genuine protestors.

    Leicestershire BNP and BNP blogger the ‘Green Arrow’ are claiming that BNP members and supporters who are travelling up to the BNP ‘festival’ on coaches put on by Unite Against Fascism.

    Shouldn’t be too hard to spot and throw off, maybe when you’re about half-way to Derby though, just look for the one’s wetting themselves with excitement that they’re on a coach full of ‘reds’.

    That said, if the BNP members are paying their way, who’s to stop them giving money to the anti-racist movement?

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