Posted by: maryportagainstracism | November 12, 2012

Dormant Not Dead

Things have been quiet for a few years on the Maryport Against Racism blog. We have concerned ourselves with other things since we last posted including sitting back and watching the far right fall apart without our input.

Since we were last active a lot has happened. The BNP have gone into meltdown and no longer pose a serious electoral threat anywhere in the country and West Cumbria is no exception. With the exception of the flash in the pan EDL, the far right in Britain have been in total disarray with internal squabbles, scandals and financial problems as well as disillusionment of the electorate, especially after the election of Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons to the European Parliament proved them to be no better than any other parties with their noses planted as far in the trough as they’ll go.

Today we were sickened to hear that the BNP’s fuhrer, Nick Griffin, attended Maryports remembrance day parade. Not only did he attend the parade that is in remembrance of all those who fought and died in the wars since WWI including the fight against fascism, but he also placed a wreath on the cenotaph. This is an insult to all the brave local men who fought against Hitler. I have family on the cenotaph as I’m sure the majority of people in Maryport do, Nick Griffin doesn’t. Today was used by Nick simply as a stunt, especially as the BNP were the only party to place a wreath. Whatever problems there are with the other parties and there are many, in Maryport, none of them tried to politicise the memory of our war dead. Remembrance day is not a day for political point scoring and we’re disappointed that the BNP cared so little as to ignore that. Indeed Nick Griffin was overheard saying to Maryports unelected BNP town councillor Dawn Charlton, “Maybe I should pull rank as MEP and lead the parade”. This shows the mentality of Nick, how he thinks he can just walk into a town he has no connection with and just take over.

The BNP need make no mistake that the reason we have remained quiet is not because we given up in Maryport, but because we were no longer needed. If the time comes again when fascist and racist organisations raise their ugly heads in our area, we’ll be there to make sure they’re stopped in their tracks.


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