Posted by: maryportagainstracism | November 24, 2009

Advance notice

The next General Election is only a few months away, the latest possible date it can take place is June 3rd 2010, and the candidates

So far the BNP have announced they will be standing in two seats in Cumbria, Workington and Copeland.

The Workington seat takes in most of Allerdale and the BNP have selected to Martin Wingfield as their candidate for the next General Election. Martin is a longstanding fascist, a veteran of the National Front, , the National Democrats, former editor of the BNP’s paper Voice of Freedom, former resident of Pentonville Prison, now communications officer for Nick Griffin. This man has lost more elections than most people have had hot dinners and we look forward to helping him add to his impressive tally.

As rumour has it that nearly successful council candidate Simon Nicholson has left the BNP the prospective parliamentary candidate for Copeland is none other than North West BNP organiser Clive Jefferson a man with a, er, interesting past.

Both have promised to campaign primarily about the war in Afghanistan, MP’s expenses and immigration.

No word yet on candidates for Carlisle, though it will be a surprise if local organiser Alistair Barbour doesn’t stand there.


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