Posted by: maryportagainstracism | March 3, 2009

By their friends you shall know them

Not had much to say for myself for a while.

My bloggers block has been abruptly ended while browsing the Cumbria BNP site ‘Cumbrian Patriots’, run by local organiser and North-West elections officer Clive Jefferson, and seeing the following pictures of recent BNP activity in Carlisle posted up there by Clive.

After denying strenuously for so long that the BNP are anything to do with fascism or even the far right it seems Clive has decided to come clean and admit the truth. His confession comes in the form of a couple of photos he’s posted up on his blog.

In the first photo we can see most of the main activists and organisers of Cumbria BNP plus some bloke who I think is from the North East:


If you look at the bloke on the front row on the left you’ll notice he’s wearing an unusual symbol and slogan on his top.

Here he is a bit closer up:


People with a bit of knowledge about the modern day neo-Nazi in Europe will immediately recognise the symbol as the Celtic cross, a common symbol used by neo-Nazis in Europe and America and the phrase ‘Fourteen Words’ around it.

The ‘Fourteen Words’ is a slogan used by white nationalists across the world and was originally coined by American neo-Nazi David Lane, a member of the terrorist group ‘The Order’. They read:

“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

It’s taken from a longer statement from Volume 1, Chapter 8 of Adolf Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’.

This is recognised as a neo-Nazi symbol all across Europe, and for that reason displaying it is banned in Germany.

Apparently though it’s OK for him to be an active member or supporter of the BNP and other active members are happy to be photographed alongside him. They don’t discriminate against people like that.

Was he just a passer by then? Not part of the Carlisle BNP election team at all? Just popped into the photo and none of the main activists, who are stood behind him, saw him or his jacket?

Nope, it looks like he’s a regular attendee at BNP events in the city. Here is another photo of him, wearing the same ’14 words’ top, while on a BNP stall in the city centre:


Where would you even buy one of those jackets? It’s not like you could buy one from JJB and claim you didn’t know what it meant or just come across it.

If the BNP were handing out the leaflets they usually do, claiming they’re nothing to do with fascism or Nazism it’s just a baseless smear by their opponents, they were doing it while one of them was wearing neo-Nazi symbols!

Amazingly the ‘top journalist’ from The Independent who gave them free, sympathetic publicity last week doesn’t seem to have noticed anything like that on his brief trip to Cumbria. I think that article says more about the quality of what passes for mainstream journalism in this country than the local BNP lot.

Anti-fascists in Cumbria are continually thankful that local elections ‘guru’ Clive is such an idiot and I for one would like to go out of my way to thank him, cheers Clive you’ve played a blinder this time.

Not only do you let people dressed in Nazi symbols come leafleting with you, you then post up the pictures proving it on your blog. Nice one.

Just a quick note, I don’t think that the rise of the BNP can be halted solely by calling them Nazis or pointing out that they are fascists but this was too good of an opportunity to miss.



  1. hello! just wondering why you never stated that the Celtic cross (sun cross)is used in the north and south of Ireland? Celtic football club, IRA! ect…. . the fact is its used in all Christian country’s around the world.
    just look in your local graveyard

  2. Do those gravestones also have ‘Fourteen Words’ written on them?

    It’s all about the context the symbol is used in.

  3. Bloke on the left end of the front row seems to be Gary Aronsson of Kirkby who is a candidate in the Euros (number 8 seed) who has some interesting friends on Facebook. Does not surprise me to see him next to our 14 words man.

    • Dear Eric,I am indeed the man on the left,so far so good.You then claim i am next to the “fourteen words”man,in order for this to be true i would have to be standing next to myself,a difficult task even for a man as talented as myself.Maybe you missed the person standing next to me,the one wearing glasses.
      So not only is your political vision poor but you can’t be trusted to give an unbiased report.You couldn’t resist the temptation to make a snide remark and refused to let anything as trivial as truth get in the way of a cheap sneer,how very typically New Labour of you!

  4. Can someone please explain the economic imperative that requires Britain to suck in several hundred thousand extra people each year?Now that we have well over 2 million people unemployed and every reason to believe the total will sail past 3 million i would like someone to explain to me why our survival as a nation is dependant upon our population being allowed to climb ever upwards.
    But before you try to explain why adding to the poverty of Britains poor is the best way to reduce it i would like to point out my own limitations,i am a Business Studies Graduate and a member of MENSA so please keep the the arguments simple!
    Come along now all you Guardian reading types,explain to me how adding to poverty reduces it,how adding to the labour supply when you have over 2 million out of work reduces unemployment and pushes up wages?I could do with a good laugh.

  5. Nice to have you with us Gary. So you’re the bloke with the 14 words top on then?

    While you’re here maybe you’d like to explain why you posted up the Combat 18/SS skull logo as your Facebook display pic during the European elections. Didn’t you get the memo from Nick that you’re supposed to keep quiet about that sort of stuff now?


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