Posted by: maryportagainstracism | December 19, 2008

A close one

The results from the by-election in Sandwith and Kells are in and for all the resources the BNP threw at the seat they still didn’t win.

Definitely no room for complacency in future though:

Wendy Skillicorn (Lab) 434
Simon Nicholson (BNP) 418 40.1%
Brigid Whiteside (Con) 190

This is one of the highest BNP votes in Cumbria and the highest percentage of the vote.

There are only a couple of positives for anti-fascists. Firstly, the turnout was very poor meaning that only a few people in the ward were receptive to the BNP’s message and this makes the percentage seem higher. Secondly, the BNP used multiple leaflets, canvassed the entire ward, had national figures up campaigning, set up a front group but still didn’t win.

This is a wake-up call for anti-racists in Cumbria. In future, we have to try harder as the result is too close for comfort.


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