Posted by: maryportagainstracism | December 16, 2008

Whitehaven By-election

A beautifully sunny day over the weekend ensured that anti-racists from Kells in Whitehaven along with others from across West Cumbria managed to leaflet the entire of Kells and Woodhouse in a couple of hours.

The BNP are standing in the by-election and have been throwing resources at the ward with several leaflets, canvassing teams, a visit by BNP leader Nick Griffin and the help out an odd front group.

In response to this the local group Whitehaven Against Fascism has been restarted, it was first set up last year but hasn’t been active as the main organiser moved away, and organised leafletting.

Local BNP organiser Clive Jefferson reports that there was a mysterious third party group handing out leaflets under the name ‘Whitehaven Taxpayers Against Corruption’ and claims to know nothing about them.

He has got a short memory, a group with a suspiciously similar name appeared in Carlisle during the Upperby by-election earlier this year. Looks like the tactic of setting up front groups is going to be a regular feature of BNP activity in Cumbria.



  1. Thanks to everyone that helped with the leafletting on that sunny Sunday. Your hard work certainly motivated many people to vote against the BNP, including people who had not voted for years, if ever.

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