Posted by: maryportagainstracism | November 2, 2008

St. John’s Ward Results

Gerald Humes (Labour) 452

Simon Collins (Conservative) 394

Clive Jefferson (BNP) 257)

John Bracken (Independent) 113

Alistair John Grey (Green) 55

A disappointingly high vote for the BNP in Workington as any vote for the BNP is disappointing however the BNP, by their own admission were hoping for a lot more. The hard work of the anti-fascist leafleters in the ward as well as the moral conscience of the people of St. John’s, Workington paid off. Clive Jefferson previously known as Clive Aitken, a man infamous in the Workington area has been denied a space on the Allerdale council although the other parties must realise that if they want to keep fascism out of Allerdale, they must listen and work with the voters. However, no matter how bad the choice of candidates are, they can never be as bad as the fascist alternative. History has showed us this and the BNP’s personal track record has shown it too. 

Well done to all anti-fascists who worked hard in the ward through torrential rain and wind who had travelled from as far afield as Carlisle, Barrow, Maryport as well as the people from Workington that helped out.



  1. […] there’s the downright sinister: Clive Jefferson, “previously known as Clive Aitken, a man infamous in the Workington area“, who stood for the BNP in St John’s Ward, Workington, earlier this month. He is in the […]

  2. http://rinf. com/alt-news/contributions/bnp-clive-jefferson-youtube-and-incitement-to-violence/4203/

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