Posted by: maryportagainstracism | July 16, 2008

Helping the police with their enquires

Have you seen this man?

It’s Simon Sheppard, one of Britain’s most active Nazi activists, who’s gone on the run along with Stephen Whittle after being found guilty of inciting racial hatred for the sick websites they publish.

Some of the charming stuff they publish includes ‘Did Six Million Really Die?’, a bunch of transparent lies claiming the Holocaust is a hoax.

Simon Sheppard is also the owner of the websites Redwatch, which lists the details of opponents of far right racist groups, and the Combat 18 Guestbook, the online home of internet warriors pretending to be the defunct neo-Nazi terrorist group Combat 18.

This is business as usual as far as Sheppard is concerned, he was sentenced to 9 months imprisonment at Hull Crown Court in 2000 for distributing racist literature, along with David Hannam who is currently a prominent member of the British National Party. Some people never learn.

Recent press reports suggest they’ve fled to America to claim political asylum!

Bloody asylum seekers eh!



  1. It isn’t me – I promise

    Stephen Whittle
    Professor Stephen Whittle OBE
    Professor of Equalities Law, Manchester Metropolitan University
    Vice President, Press for Change,
    Chair, Transgender Europe
    President, The World Professional Association for Transgender Health,

  2. It isn’t me, either – I promise

    Simon Sheppard
    gay erotic writer
    editor, Homosex:Sixty Years of Gay Erotica,
    winner of the 2007 Lambda Literary Award

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