Posted by: maryportagainstracism | June 27, 2008

Another BNP front group

People living in Upperby in Carlisle must have been surprised when, along with all the usual party leaflets that come through the door, they got a leaflet from a previously unheard of group entitled ‘Carlisle Taxpayers Against Corruption’.

If they were a taxpayer against corruption in Carlisle they might have been disappointed to find that on the poorly photocopied paper there are no actual contact details, just some illegible scrawl, because the group doesn’t exist.

The only thing that might give a clue as to who published it anonymously is the web address on the back which is a blog called ‘Liars, Buggers and Thieves’, a blog run by British National Party supporters.

Not a very subtle attempt to set up a front group then.

We’ve reproduced the leaflets below (click them to enlarge) to ensure that other anti-racists are aware of this new tactic:



  1. […] has got a short memory, a group with a suspiciously similar name appeared in Carlisle during the Upperby by-election earlier this year. Looks like the tactic of setting up front groups is going to be a regular […]

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