Posted by: maryportagainstracism | June 6, 2008

Cockermouth election results

These are the results from yesterday’s council by-election in All Saints in Cockermouth:

Conservative – 586
Labour -537
BNP – 99
Green -54
Independent -24

Poor result for the BNP. After putting out three different leaflets, having two papersales and getting their leader to come up to Cockermouth the end result was only 99 votes!

Look like the BNP candidate, and Allerdale organiser, Paul Stafford hasn’t achieved any more success than when he was organiser of the local National Front.

We wonder why we bother sometimes, they only got 40 more votes than the Green Party who didn’t put out a single leaflet.

Still, thanks to everyone who helped us out with our campaign.



  1. and what about when whites are attacked.
    why no comment when trevor mcdonald called bernard manning a white bastard

  2. I reckon almost all whites attacked in Cockermouth are attacked by other whites so it’s not really a racist issue is it?

    Also, you’ll notice this site has only been active since March 2008 while the incident with Trevor MacDonald happened a year ago.

    If you think it’s that important, why not set up your own site instead of whining about it on other people’s?

  3. Trevor MacDonald said ‘I never thought he was a racist. I just thought he was a fat white bastard’.

    It may have been rather bad taste in the week that Bernard Manning died, but it was on a political satire show and is clearly a joke intended to create an irony where MacDonald defends Manning from accusations of being racist and then is racist himself about Manning in the same sentence.

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