Posted by: maryportagainstracism | June 1, 2008

Leafleting In Cockermouth

Today around 20 people delivered Maryport Against Racism leaflets in the All Saints ward in Cockermouth as a response to the fascist BNP standing in the ward. Around 4 or 5 Maryport Against Racism members and around 15 Cockermouth residents turned up to help out. The turnout was brilliant despite horrendous weather and it did lead to a lot of soggy leaflets although the words contained in the leaflets are what’s important and not merely the presentation.

A quote by the local BNP organiser and idiot Clive Jefferson:

“The left have been forced into some kind of action by our excellent weekends activism and a pathetic black and white UNISON smear leaflet has gone out today – it will have zero effect and is actually quite pitiful. (Note to the sad lefties – do contact me for a price on well designed, imaginative, factual and quality leaflets as we are often judged by the quality of our opponents and frankly you are at the moment just an embarrassment)”.

Nice to know we’re appreciated!

We, unlike the BNP, don’t have millions of pounds donated by rich backers, a record company, overseas racists and other means. We’re just a group of concerned local citizens who knocked out a leaflet a week ago that reveal the real side of the fascists. We also believe that the words are what count and that simply making something look good cosmetically isn’t a substitute for substance. Just like the BNP throwing some cheap suits on isn’t fooling anyone. We also don’t believe that people are stupid and only support the group with the most expensive leaflets. Don’t be so patronising Clive, people don’t like it.

We didn’t get anything but a positive response apart from someone who told me I hadn’t closed their gate properly, apart from that it was fantastic and a few of us were even invited into someones house to talk about opposing the BNP and shelter from the torrential rain.

The BNP have thrown everything into this election, even inviting their Fuhrer Nick Griffin to talk to people in the town and putting out massive amounts of literature. They’re really gunning for this ward to try and limit the damage to them that was dealt when they failed to win a single seat in the Carlisle and Barrow elections that they were sure they were going to get. The people of Cockermouth however are not stupid as the BNP seem to think and we believe that they will see through their pathetic lies, slander and division and not vote BNP.



  1. “We didnt get anything but a positive response” You little fibber duncan or is it the other little rebel i know this for a fact because you put one through my door & got told what to do with it.Communists always have & will tell fibbs. 14 WORDS FOR EVER !

  2. BNP has got to be better for the people of England than what the Labour party are.. Scotland have a SNP party Wales have a WNP so why cant England have a BNP party.. your propaganda about the BNP party being racist is laughable, racism works only one way and we English people need someone to voice our concerns.. myself like thousands of others in Cockermouth will be voting BNP on the 5th June 2008

  3. Watty,

    know this for a fact because you put one through my door & got told what to do with it

    No you didn’t, you’re just another internet fantasist.

    Trevor Brown,

    myself like thousands of others in Cockermouth will be voting BNP on the 5th June 2008

    Really? The results say otherwise!

  4. Yoiu shiould ask Clive Jefferson (BNP) about his drug dealing

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