Posted by: maryportagainstracism | May 20, 2008

Cockermouth by-election

Maryport Against Racism is busy again as coming up on June 5th is a by-election in All Saints ward in Cockermouth, triggered by the resignation of the current councillor.

Why are we interested? Because along with candidates from the Tories, Labour, the Greens and an independent the British National Party are also standing in their first outing in Cockermouth.

Interestingly, the BNP candidate is Paul Stafford, from Wigton, not prominent local member Clive Jefferson who lives in Cockermouth.

The fact that BNP leader Nick Griffin was up in Cockermouth to support the campaign suggests that they’re taking this one seriously, and that Cumbria remains a key target for them.

Members of Maryport Against Racism with shortly be helping out locals to leaflet the ward, get in contact with us if you want to help with the campaign:

maryportagainstracism ‘at’

If you are a local BNP member or other assorted racist idiot, please follow these guidelines before trying to get information of what we’ve got planned out of us.


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