Posted by: maryportagainstracism | May 3, 2008

Not even close

The results from the local elections are in, and it’s good news for anti-racists in Cumbria.

The local BNP promised it would be a question of how many seats they would win not Carlisle, not if they would win.

They got lots of news coverage and carried out a huge campaign which saw their leader Nick Griffin visit the city, national mobilisations to leaflet all nine wards they stood in and canvassing in five wards they targeted.

Their local press officer Clive Jefferson even boasted on the day of the election:

I can honestly see no way in which we can be kept out of office.

We can see the way Clive, it’s by people not voting for you because we’re pleased to report that the BNP have not won a single seat in Carlisle. 

Not only that, but they didn’t even come close to winning a seat.

In 2008 they stood in four wards where they had previously stood in 2007. The result of all the hard work put in by BNP members is that in Botcherby their vote went down from 215 to 145, it went up by 10 votes in Harraby and it increased by 32 votes in St Aidan’s. The only place where their vote went up significantly was their target ward Currock, from 309 votes in 2007 to 420 this year.

Carlisle Against Racism should be congratulated for their campaign.

The results at the other end of the county were similarly unsuccesful.

We don’t know why Barrow BNP even bother. They stood two candidates this year, despite getting a poor result last year, in Ormsgill and they got a lower percentage of the vote than when they stood in Central ward at last years local elections.

They did increase the number of votes they got, Mike Ashburner for 100 votes last year and this year he got 184 while Eion McPoland got 136, but their percentage was lower.

This is no time to be complacent though, we’ve got a byelection coming up in Cockermouth and the campaign continues in Carlisle as one of their candidates dropped dead during the election, being in Cumbria BNP is bad for your health, with an election in the Upperby ward still to come.

If you want to help us out in any of these upcoming campaigns, then get in touch.

Still, well done to everyone involved in the campaign agains the racist BNP in Cumbria. Job done.



  1. You need to put a search function on your site! I’m trying to look for something and a search tool would be useful!

  2. Done, good idea.

  3. Disagree as to Currock- their vote there went up to 28% the sort of vote they can build from for the future. On a good day in this ward, they can win

    Their targetting of resources there did produce results for them. Noticed the same in Newcastle- where they doubled their vote in their target ward

    1 forthcoming by election, one in Allerdale one in Carlisle

  4. The BNP vote in Currock was 28%, but it was 24% last year.

    That’s still worryingly high but a massive campaign targetted on Currock only increased their vote by 4%.

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