Posted by: maryportagainstracism | April 30, 2008

What are they playing at?

In the last few weeks, Carlisle Against Racism, helped out by people from Maryport, have put together an effective campaign against the racist British National Party in Carlisle, leafleting all nine wards they’re standing in and putting out a second leaflet the day before polling day in key wards.

How have the BNP responded to opposition and criticism?

Firstly with legal threats, and when this didn’t halt the campaign against them they took pictures of Carlisle Against Racism members, including children, and posted them on the internet. Local BNP blogger and press officer Clive Jefferson has also posted a video of their leafleters up on Youtube where other BNP supporters are happily providing their names and workplace details.

This behaviour is sick but this is normal politics for racist political groups who can’t tolerate any opposition or people disagreeing with them.

Within days of starting a campaign against racism and the BNP in Maryport, local campaigners found that their photos and details had been posted up on far right websites and were subject to a campaign of harassment and intimidation.

It didn’t work and we’re still here, and are more than happy to offer anti-racists in Carlisle any support they need as the BNP continue their campaign of dirty tricks.



  1. […] BNP helps out Redwatch As reported on this site earlier the local BNP have sunk even lower than usual and posted details of anti-racist campaigners […]

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