Posted by: maryportagainstracism | April 21, 2008

Not Elected

We’ve noticed that the BNP trying to capitalise on their two new parish councillors in Carlisle are going around boasting how they are elected. In fact in the election leaflet for Brian Allan he writes in his blurb “I am the elected councillor for Cotehill on Wetherall parish council”. Now correct me if I’m wrong but to be elected, doesn’t an election have to have taken place? In the case of all of Cumbria’s BNP parish councillors, none of them have faced an election but have been unopposed on councils which have always had spaces. Perhaps this is an insight into the BNP’s vision of democracy where you merely have to declare yourself elected.

This shows the BNP will say anything to mislead the public, they have not received the majority of the vote in any elections in Cumbria and just because they suggest they did doesn’t make it so.

The BNP are nothing but another bunch of anti-working class, lying, self-serving politicians who if given your vote will do nothing for there constituents.

If you even bother to vote in the elections, think twice before you give the BNP your X.


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