Posted by: maryportagainstracism | April 15, 2008

Empty threats

Even when they’re threatening you, it turns out you can’t trust them.

Last week, the BNP put up a triumphant story on the front-page of their website declaring they were going to sue the trade union the GMB and win compensation that would fund their election campaign because of a ‘libellous’ leaflet handed out by Carlisle Against Racism.

Apparently, they were reporting the matter immediately to the police, going to their solicitors and sending letters to the GMB as soon as possible. Then, photographs of Labour councillors delivering these scandalous leaflets would be handed to the returning officer.

That was well over a week ago now. To date, no such letters have been received by the GMB and no Labour Party city councillors have been spotted, let alone photographed, handing out the leaflets. Enough said.

The editor of the BNP newspaper Martin Wingfield is claiming that this is because Carlisle Against Racism have withdrawn the leaflet. That’s news to us, some of us were putting them through doors yesterday!



  1. I hope some red comes knocking on my door,better still hope its johnny or dunc.

  2. Is the above empty threat enough for you son.

  3. What a charming bunch the local BNP supporter’s are.

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