Posted by: maryportagainstracism | April 13, 2008

We never make mistakes

This article was posted earlier in the week but removed while Carlisle Against Racism discussed it.

Or so the BNP seem to think.

In their latest leaflet Carlisle Against Racism have mistakenly used an image of an individual giving a Nazi salute and stated that it was a picture of Nick Griffin, having copied the image from another publication which said this.

It’s a bit of an embarrassing mistake since these leaflets are going out to thousands of households but an understandable one given Griffin’s current and previous political beliefs, which have changed so frequently it’s difficult to keep up.

However, the BNP are claiming this was a deliberate lie designed to trick people rather than a silly mistake, because obviously anti-racists could never make a genuine mistake. Nice of them to have so much faith in us.

So, since they feel Carlisle Against Racism have committed libel they’ve logically decided to take legal action against the trade union the GMB. Wait, why are they suing the GMB? Who knows. If that lot had brains they’d be dangerous.

Apparently the rest of the leaflet is ‘full of lies’ but funnily enough they don’t actually mention any of them or threaten legal action over them.

Accompanied with this are the usual lies about anti-racist groups being fronts for the Labour Party. This isn’t true but it doesn’t stop the BNP claiming that the leaflet is being put out by Labour city councillors and candidates, even asking for photographic evidence of this taking place so they can report them to the returning officer.

We wish them luck in photographing Labour councillors and activists handing out these leaflets, according to Carlisle Against Racism not one of them has been sighted so far coming along to help leaflet!

It’s surprising they’ve chosen to make such an issue of this, after all there are enough dodgy photos of Nick Griffin’s political past (see right) or of BNP members doing stuff like Nazi salutes to dismiss any idea that this is an outrageous smear with no basis in truth.

Also, the BNP have a notoriously bad habit of losing cases like this. Still, it’s their time and money.

According to the BNP website Nick Griffin will probably be looking for compensation from the ‘GBM’ as a result of this.

Who the ‘GBM’ are is a mystery but it seems the BNP are as good at checking spelling as they are at checking facts. 



  1. i personally think this is a deliberate dodgy leaflet that you have put out and hope that you get the massive fine you deserve. i also think that it is wrong for labour councillors whos wages i pay to get involved in putting out leaflets against the BNP,i would much rather them be working on the local issues that they are PAID to do.if you have a grudge against the bnp then thats up to you but public money should not be supporting your fetish with stopping the bnp.and i for one will give them my vote as this government has done nothing but give this country away. Hitler wanted a united europe and labour have dropped to their knees and handed our country over without a care for the people who live here regardless of coluor or creed.

  2. hope that you get the massive fine you deserve.

    You’re going to be very disappointed then.

    i would much rather them be working on the local issues that they are PAID to do

    They’re not being paid to give out leaflets. What they do in their own time, like put out leaflets, is their own business.

    That said, according to Carlisle Against Racism no Labour councillors have been spotted handing out their leaflets so this has nothing to do with the Labour Party or their members.

    money should not be supporting your fetish with stopping the bnp

    How is public money supporting Carlisle Against Racism’s campaign by the way?

  3. […] with legal threats, and when this didn’t halt the campaign against them they took pictures of Carlisle Against […]

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