Posted by: maryportagainstracism | April 5, 2008

Local elections

Local elections aren’t exactly thrilling but when racist political parties insist on standing in them then anti-racists have a responsibility to get involved as well.

The candidates for the upcoming local elections in May were announced yesterday and the racist British National Party will be contesting nine seats in Carlisle, up from six last year. These are Belle Vue, Botcherby, Currock, Denton Holme, Harraby, Morton, St Aidans, Upperby and Yewdale.

 Never complacent, Carlisle Against Racism kicked off their campaign earlier this week with a leafletting campaign. Members of Maryport Against Racism went to help them out last night and were impressed with the numbers that turned out and the leaflet they were distributing

 Anyone else wanting to get involved in opposing the BNP in the Carlisle area should get in contact with them.

In Carlisle the BNP are already trumpeting the success of having two councillors ‘elected’ without mentioning they weren’t actually elected but just put their names down for uncontested seats on a parish council, of which there are plenty. Once again, they are simply filling the vacuum left by the other parties.

While obviously any foothold the BNP gain in local politics is regrettable seats on parish councils are nothing to get worried about.

Down in Barrow the BNP are also standing in two seats in Ormsgill ward, one of them Mike Ashburner, which is unexpected since they’ve had such a poor result in the town previously.


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