Posted by: maryportagainstracism | April 3, 2008

Nazi scum?

tyndallnazi.jpg Many people in the anti-racist movement and in the media regularly term the BNP ‘Nazis’, comparing them to the ideology and policies of the Nazi Party under Adolf Hitler.

  It’s undeniable that at one time the BNP were an openly Nazi party. Their leader and founder John Tyndall (pictured left in uniform) praised Hitler, promised to send those who disagreed with them to the gas chambers while other prominent members declared they would seize power through physical force alone.

 Even in more recent times senior members, such as Simon Darby, have said that some party members were neo-Nazis, though oddly they never seem to mention this in their election material.

Are the BNP still Nazis?

The ideas of National Socialism aren’t very popular, especially in a country bombed heavily by Nazi Germany during WWII, and slowly but surely some members of the BNP realised that they had an image problem.
 To put it simply, from the mid-1990’s onwards the party changed its image and the message it gave out to the general public. Out went the swastikas, the confrontational marches stopped, the obsession over the Holocaust was dropped and the party moved its efforts mainly into electoral politics.

 If you look at the current literature the BNP puts out to voters it’s not overt Nazi stuff, instead it generally focuses on hostility to the mainstream political parties, immigration or Islam.

 There are still BNP members who are Nazis, the party still has links to Nazi groups abroad and the politics of the party still have something in common with the ideas of National Socialism but the BNP is no longer a Nazi party.

 Why is it important?

 ‘Nazi’ isn’t an insult, or a slur even though a lot of people use it as both. It’s a description of a real set of political ideas which were put into practise with horrifying results.

 If we criticise or condemn the BNP for being something they’re not it’s counter-productive and undermines the arguments of anti-racists. This is because it’s easy for the BNP to demonstrate that they’re not Nazis and so portray its opponents as liars who simply exaggerate things by using ‘Nazi’ as an insult.

 Calling the BNP ‘Nazis’ is an ineffective tactic and it will backfire on anti-racists.



  1. What the BNP are however are fascists. This can be a collective term for them as Nazis (which involves some of their members) covers. Fascism, is not a watered down form of Nazism but a variation of the same ideology. People would find very little differences between 1930’s Germany and a BNP Britain.

  2. AT LEAST IF THE NAZI’S HAD WON THE WAR WE WOULDN’T BE IN THIS MESS NOW! Its people like you that have got the country in the mess we are in now,your silly left-wing antics play right into the hands of our foe’s.We are heading for a ballkan type war in say 50 yrs time,look at your history different races cannot live in peace,open your eyes you silly silly boy!


    Somewhere, a village is missing its idiot.

  4. Duncan,duncan,duncan my mother always said don’t mock the afflicted,but here goes anyway.There are two village idiots in maryport & your both!I mean is this normal for a 20yr old BOY,action aid,age concern,bhopal medical appeal,amnesty international,c.f.n.w.p,christian aid,maryport against racism,medical aid for palestinians & rainforest’concern,c’mon what did you do put a add on the net “activist seeks cause’s” or what?You live in maryport for christs sake,is there not ehough local cause’s for you there?or not trendy enough for you!Talk about a town with problems,absolute shit-hole.I can see you now with your friends or should i say commrades,gay men,lesbians,uni -students,goths, & not forgeting the token blackman & muslim.YOU SILLY,SILLY,BOY.

  5. Watty,

    You know it’s not just me who writes on this website.

    Since your comment has nothing to do with the above post it seems you just want to argue with me personally. I’ve got my own blog if you want to do that.

    That said, if you really think it would have been better if the Nazis had won WWII then you probably have nothing sensible or useful to say about anything.

  6. Watty, Another victory of the patriotism [sic]

  7. you really are intent of killing an island off that my parents and families fought so hard to keep british …bmp are not racist , why are there black , jewish , polish and african members ??? , go to brampton where the polish war veterans settled and ask them their views , they dont want the mass immigration as it is wrecking the country they live in , ask them who they are voting for …. bnp …. not any of you idiots , when bnp get in i will be asking them to outlaw you fools and ask if we can bring back hanging for mr kennedy who is the leader of all of you idiots and who gets all his funding from Labour wanting to brainwash everyone !

  8. bmp are not racist , why are there black , jewish , polish and african members ???

    First, it’s BNP not BMP.

    Second you’re talking bollocks because non-white people are banned from joining the BNP. This means there’s no black or African members! I’d be surprised if there was any Polish members either, particularly as their first leaflet in West Cumbria was an anti-Polish one.

    when bnp get in i will be asking them to outlaw you fools and ask if we can bring back hanging for mr kennedy

    Death threats, nice.

  9. your talking childish shit again , check your facts

  10. So you think there are black members of the BNP?

    Do you deny that the BNP constitution bans non-whites from joining the party? Very odd, you can go to the BNP site yourself and read it.

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