Posted by: maryportagainstracism | March 27, 2008

BNP in Carlisle

The BNP have made Carlisle one of their top targets in the upcoming local elections and are confident they can get some of their useless councillors elected there. Last year they received an average of 14% of the vote in the wards they stood in, and this was the first time they’d stood in the city.

 This all means Carlisle Against Racism have their work cut out opposing them but they’ve already got plenty of stuff organised, starting next week.

 Speaking of Carlisle Against Racism, the News and Star website has a few pics of they’re last gig and an article about them.

If you live in the Carlisle area and want to get involved you can contact them via email:

Or phone:


 Us at Maryport will be going through to help out when we can. Stay tuned.



  1. Would you kindly send me about 2.000,000 of your brilliant “Make your vote count – keep the BNP OUT” leaflets please – I shall gladly dispose of them for you.
    Thanks in advance

  2. Send us your address Karl and we’ll see what we can do.

    By the way Karl, no need to comment on this blog under lots of different names. We know it’s you every time because you’re commenting from the same IP address!

  3. i can send them a bar of soap , the antiracism lot look like they need a wash , well thats the ones that are not already locked up for crimes against children .
    whats your address then and i would be most interested in delivering it personally mr anonymous maryport dole scrounger

  4. Why do you want to send Karl Chappell a bar of soap Mike?

    well thats the ones that are not already locked up for crimes against children

    Which members of local antiracist groups would that be then?

    The BNP must be getting bored and desperate if this is what you’re reduced to.

  5. no i want to send you one little child , im bnp but am fucking sick of little fuckin twat kids like you lot trying to be clever little wankers , karl chappell if you read this then please post this little cunts home address and him and his daddy are going to get a visit off me , no wonder this country is totally ruined by little shits like this

  6. Charming bloke you Mike.

  7. oh your going to find out how charming i am and believe me you wont hide behind the police

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