Posted by: maryportagainstracism | March 17, 2008

Happy Paddy’s Day

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and that can only mean drinking and partying and also a religious day for many. A little known fact about St. Patrick is that it is very probable that he originally came from somewhere in Cumbria, more than likely an area of West Cumbria as this website explains. This website however is not here as a local history resource but here to challenge the myths and views of racists and in particular, the myths and views of the British National Party.

 The BNP are unsurprisingly using St. Patrick’s Day to promote patriotism which to the untrained eye may seem totally innocent. We being as sharp as we are however, see this as blatant opportunism by the BNP whose anti-Irish racism runs as deep as their anti-black and anti-Asian racism. Back in 1994, Jason Douglas, a senior BNP member, was convicted and jailed for an attack on an Irish pub in Kilburn on the anniversary of Bloody Sunday. The BNP have since dropped their anti-Irish propaganda the same as they dropped their anti-Jewish propaganda but this is only superficial.

 As we covered in an earlier post on this blog “What About Immigration“, West Cumbria has strong links with Ireland as a lot of us are of Irish dissent at some point in time. So have a good St. Patrick’s Day and stock up on the Alka Seltzers for tomorrow morning and don’t be conned by the Irish hating BNP.


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