Posted by: maryportagainstracism | March 12, 2008

Get ’em while they’re young

odal.pngThe BNP are after the young, the Student BNP and Young BNP are back.

The symbol of the organisations is the Odal Rune, a bit of an odd choice you might think as runes aren’t normally noted as a symbol for contemporary patriotism in Britain.

In what is probably a complete co-incidence, the Odal Rune was the symbol for another organisation, the 7th SS Volunteer Mountain Division Prinz Eugen to be precise, part of the Waffen SS Mountain Division.

The Waffen-SS was condemned as an organisation guilty of war crimes as it was an essential part of the Nazi regime in Germany. I wonder why the BNP would want to associate themselves with an SS division described as having committed ‘unimaginable atrocities’; after all surely a modern nationalist youth group like YBNP has absolutely no association with Nazi Germany.

Oh wait, maybe not.

It was while Mark Collett was leader of the YBNP that he told a Channel 4 documentary all about his admiration for Hitler, how he thought AID’s was a good disease and how the Jews probably did something to deserve all the persecution they got. He’s now a leading figure in the BNP.

A quick Google image search shows us which other organisations use the Odal Rune as a symbol. Interesting company they’re keeping.

Fortunately, Collett’s successors at the job was equally luckless. Danny Lake held the job until he expressed disagreement with the leadership of the party so they sacked him via text message, then for good measure telling him he was:

 “You stupid c**t. F**k off into oblivion


Glancing through their new website it seems they are at least being consistent. The page entitled ‘What are the SBNP’s policies?’ reveals they have no policies at all!

 Here at Maryport Against Racism we wish the new version of the YBNP as much success in the future as they’ve had in the past.



  1. You forgot the first YBNP leader Tony Wentworth who was a man with his own distinguished series of failures and dodgy associations such as taking pictures of demonstrators for redwatch.

    To his credit though he left the BNP and said he’d never join again.

  2. “I wonder why the BNP would want to associate themselves with an SS division described as having committed ‘unimaginable atrocities’;”

    So it’s ok for anti-racism groups to associate with criminal outfits like Searchlight and UAF, which have senior members, like Gerry Gable, who are convicted criminals and hardline communists. Isn’t 80 million dead at the hands of the communists ‘atrocious’ too?

  3. You’re seriously comparing UAF to a division of the SS, an organisation that carried out some of the most barbaric crimes against humanity ever seen?

    I don’t think Gerry Gable counts as a ‘hardline communist’ to be honest; he was a member of the old Stalinist Communist Party but left almost 50 years ago because he disagreed with them.

    What’s our association with Searchlight incidentally?

    “Isn’t 80 million dead at the hands of the communists ‘atrocious’ too?”

    Isn’t paedophilia bad? Isn’t famine terrible? Wasn’t the English occupation of Scotland in the 1740’s atrocious?

    If you want a blog that condemns absolutely everything bad that’s ever happened ever, why not set one up yourself?

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