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Martin Wingfield is a slow learner

Rumour has it that Wigton-based fascist Martin Wingfield has jumped ship from the British National Party and joined True Brits, the new far-right party set up by former BNP MEP Andrew Brons. True

What a difference a couple of years makes. Back in 2010, Martin, who is an immigrant from Sussex, and his wife Tina were leading members of the BNP nationally and were very active locally. Both stood for the local elections in Maryport in 2007 and Martin was the parliamentary candidate in Workington in 2010. Martin was also second on the BNP’s Northwest regional list for the European elections in 2009, behind Nick Griffin who was elected as an MEP.

Martin was a big supporter of Nick and a firm believer that sun shone out of his arse. His blog (which is not updated anymore, funnily enough) was filled with gushing articles about how hard Nick was working, and how well he was doing as an MEP.

Then, to cut a long story short, they all fell out. Andrew Brons challenged Nick Griffin for the party leadership in 2011 and narrowly lost. Martin and Tina supported Brons as they are very experienced at losing elections.

After months of dithering about what he should do next, Brons has thrown the toys out of the pram and formed a new party with the poorly chosen name True Brits (or TB for short – I think I had a jab for that when I was at school).

Unbelievably, this is not even the first time that Martin Wingfield has fallen out of with Nick Griffin and joined a breakaway group led by Andrew Brons. In the 1980s, Brons and Wingfield split away from the National Front to form the Flag Group after falling out with Griffin.

Clearly, Martin has never understood the phrase ‘those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it’.

The Flag Group eventually became the National Democrats and then sank without a trace with many of its active members joining the BNP.

The True Brits are looking at a similar future as the party’s membership is drawn from the ranks of bitter, dysfunctional ex-BNP members who are united by the fact that they hate Nick Griffin. After Brons waited for months before launching the party, they have no political momentum and their unique selling point is that they lost a faction fight inside a far right party. In short, they are going nowhere fast.

Members of Maryport Against Racism can remember warning Martin not to trust Nick when bumping into him on a stall in Maryport town centre in 2007.

We hate to say we told you so Martin, and look forward to you spending another 10 years in the political wilderness.

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Dormant Not Dead

Things have been quiet for a few years on the Maryport Against Racism blog. We have concerned ourselves with other things since we last posted including sitting back and watching the far right fall apart without our input.

Since we were last active a lot has happened. The BNP have gone into meltdown and no longer pose a serious electoral threat anywhere in the country and West Cumbria is no exception. With the exception of the flash in the pan EDL, the far right in Britain have been in total disarray with internal squabbles, scandals and financial problems as well as disillusionment of the electorate, especially after the election of Nick Griffin and Andrew Brons to the European Parliament proved them to be no better than any other parties with their noses planted as far in the trough as they’ll go.

Today we were sickened to hear that the BNP’s fuhrer, Nick Griffin, attended Maryports remembrance day parade. Not only did he attend the parade that is in remembrance of all those who fought and died in the wars since WWI including the fight against fascism, but he also placed a wreath on the cenotaph. This is an insult to all the brave local men who fought against Hitler. I have family on the cenotaph as I’m sure the majority of people in Maryport do, Nick Griffin doesn’t. Today was used by Nick simply as a stunt, especially as the BNP were the only party to place a wreath. Whatever problems there are with the other parties and there are many, in Maryport, none of them tried to politicise the memory of our war dead. Remembrance day is not a day for political point scoring and we’re disappointed that the BNP cared so little as to ignore that. Indeed Nick Griffin was overheard saying to Maryports unelected BNP town councillor Dawn Charlton, “Maybe I should pull rank as MEP and lead the parade”. This shows the mentality of Nick, how he thinks he can just walk into a town he has no connection with and just take over.

The BNP need make no mistake that the reason we have remained quiet is not because we given up in Maryport, but because we were no longer needed. If the time comes again when fascist and racist organisations raise their ugly heads in our area, we’ll be there to make sure they’re stopped in their tracks.

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Advance notice

The next General Election is only a few months away, the latest possible date it can take place is June 3rd 2010, and the candidates

So far the BNP have announced they will be standing in two seats in Cumbria, Workington and Copeland.

The Workington seat takes in most of Allerdale and the BNP have selected to Martin Wingfield as their candidate for the next General Election. Martin is a longstanding fascist, a veteran of the National Front, , the National Democrats, former editor of the BNP’s paper Voice of Freedom, former resident of Pentonville Prison, now communications officer for Nick Griffin. This man has lost more elections than most people have had hot dinners and we look forward to helping him add to his impressive tally.

As rumour has it that nearly successful council candidate Simon Nicholson has left the BNP the prospective parliamentary candidate for Copeland is none other than North West BNP organiser Clive Jefferson a man with a, er, interesting past.

Both have promised to campaign primarily about the war in Afghanistan, MP’s expenses and immigration.

No word yet on candidates for Carlisle, though it will be a surprise if local organiser Alistair Barbour doesn’t stand there.

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BNP county council results in Cumbria

All the results are in, and the BNP haven’t won anything!

In a difficult political climate, with politicians from all the major parties caught fiddling their expenses, the popularity of the Labour government at an all time low and considerable media coverage (read: hysteria) about the BNP anti-fascists in Cumbria had a difficult job to do and it looks like we did it. The European election results won’t be out until tomorrow and it’s not clear whether the BNP have won a seat or not, though it looks likely.

Anyway, here are the results:

Allerdale – 1584 votes in total. An average of 226 votes and 15.4% in wards contested.

Harrington Clifton & Stainburn
Allan Caine, (Lib Dem) 454
Robert Hardon (Con) 612
Marjorie Rae (Lab) 748
Vincent Richardson (BNP) 251 12.2%
Turnout: 2065 Majority: 136

Maryport East
Keith Little (Lab) 904
John Stanyer (Con) 266
Tina Wingfield (BNP) 328 21.9%
Turnout: 1498 Majority: 576

Maryport West
Bill Cameron (Lab) 628
Carl Edgar (BNP) 259 17.2%
John Peel (Ind) 282
John Rivers (Lib Dem) 334
Turnout: 1,503 Majority: 294

Glen Brew (BNP) 131 9.8%
Gerald Humes (Lab) 591
Denis Robertson (Ind) 462
Eddie Woodthorpe (Con) 148
Turnout: 1,332 Majority: 129

Moss Bay
John Bracken (Ind) 277
Barbara Cannon (Lab) 411
Ian Francis (Lib Dem) 104
Judy Prest (Con) 77
Martin Wingfield (BNP) 130 13%

St John’s
Michael Davidson (Con) 563
Joe Holliday (Lab) 759
Stephen Stoddart (BNP) 237 15.2%
Turnout: 1,559 Majority: 196

Joe Cowell (Con) 918
John Crouch (Lab) 651
Paul Stafford (BNP) 248 18.8%
Turnout: 1,817 Majority: 267

Barrow – 251 votes in total. An average of 126 votes and 8.3% in wards contested.

Mike Ashburner (BNP)106 5.5%
Rebecca Melling (Lab)197
David Roberts (Con) 899
Michael Stephenson (Ind) 724
Turnout: 1,926 Majority: 175

Wayne Butler (Ind) 230
Bernie Devlin (BNP) 146 11.1%
Kevin Hamilton (Lab) 533
William McEwan (Peo) 176
Jack Richardson (Con) 233
Turnout: 1,318 Majority: 300

Carlisle 2903 votes in total. An average of 170 votes and 9.2% in wards contested.

Paul Im Thurn (Lab) 497
Wayne Newton (BNP) 188 9.6%
Alan Toole (Con) 1,279
Turnout: 1,964 Majority: 782

Belle Vue
George Bain (Ind) 243
Stephen Bingham (BNP) 159 9.8%
Kevin Reynolds (Con) 575
Ian Stockdale (Lab) 635
Turnout: 1,612 Majority: 60

Robert Betton (Ind) 507
Karl Chappell (BNP) 116 7.5%
Colin Farmer (Lib Dem) 85
Anne Glendinning (Lab) 428
Charmain McCutcheon (Green) 38
Paul Nedved (Con) 366
Turnout: 1,540 Majority: 79

Brampton and Gilsland
Michael Elliott (BNP) 146 6.9%
Lawrence Fisher (Con) 1007
Joseph Hendry (Lab) 587
Olwyn Luckley (Lib Dem) 367
Turnout: 2,107 Majority: 420

Steven Bowditch (Lab) 297
Barbara Eden (Con) 241
Thomas Hellberg (Green) 144
James Tootle (Lib Dem) 424
Benjamin Whittingham (BNP) 129 10.4%
Turnout: 1,235 Majority: 127

Alistair Barbour (BNP) 245 17.5%
Heather Bradley (Lab) 764
Gareth Ellis (Con) 393
Turnout: 1,402 Majority: 371

Dalston and Cummersdale
Trevor Allison (Lib Dem) 1,316
John Collier (Con) 1,243
Glen Gardner (BNP) 147 5%
Sandra Warwick (Lab) 254
Turnout: 2,960 Majority: 73

Denton Holme
Shaidat Danmole-Ellis (Con) 352
Gillian Forrester (BNP) 102 6.7%
Stephen Graham (Green) 131
John Harrison (Lib Dem) 189
Hugh McDevitt (Lab) 745
Turnout: 1,519 Majority: 393

Anthony Carvell (BNP) 204 12.3%
Deborah Clode (Lib Dem) 212
Allan Stevenson (Con) 536
Cyril Weber (Lab) 703
Turnout: 1,655 Majority: 167

Longtown and Bewcastle
Christopher Davidson (BNP) 297 14.9%
Robert Dodds (Lab) 455
Amanda Long (Con) 1,238
Turnout: 1,990 Majority: 783

John Bell (Lab) 744
Terri Cartner (Con) 292
Hannah Farmer (Lib Dem) 689
David Fraser (BNP) 245 12.4%
Turnout: 1,970 Majority: 55

St Aidan’s
James Bainbridge (Con) 489
Martyn Dyer-Smith (Lib Dem) 219
Arthur Paynter (Green) 161
Marc Scott (BNP) 144 9.4%
Reginald Watson (Lab) 503
Turnout: 1,516 Majority: 14

Stanwix and Irthington
John Mallinson (Con)1,279
Robert Round (BNP) 82 3.7%
George Stothard (Lab) 408
Carol Weaver (UKIP) 396
Turnout: 2,165 Majority: 871

Stanwix Urban
Dallas Brewis (Green) 364
Liz Mallinson (Con) 1,232
William Round (BNP) 100 4.7%
William Whalen (Lab) 415
Turnout: 2,111 Majority: 817

Georgina Clarke (Con) 258
James Osler (Lib Dem) 392
Ronald Rome (BNP) 212 14.6%
Stewart Young (Lab) 595
Turnout: 1,457 Majority: 203

Roger Horne (Lab) 536
Nicholas Marriner (Con) 1,602
Michael Owen (UKIP) 394
Susan Parker (BNP) 95 3.6%
Turnout: 2,627 Majority:

Ian Brewis (Green) 109
John Farmer (Lib Dem) 249
Helen Horne (Lab) 713
Fiona Robson (Con) 802
Robert Walker (BNP) 185 9%
Turnout: 2,058 Majority: 89

Copeland – 3250 votes overall. An average 270 votes and 16.2% in wards contested.

Bernard Kirk (Lab) 761
Graham Roberts (Con) 782
Malcolm Southward (BNP) 243 13.2%
Turnout: 1,786 Majority: 21

Cleator Moor North & Frizington
Clive Jefferson (BNP) 501 27.2%
Timothy Knowles (Lab) 844
Kenneth Simpson (Con) 498
Turnout: 1,843 Majority: 343

Cleator Moor South & Egremont
Kevin Hurst (BNP) 276 15%
Jean Lewthwaite (Con) 556
Mike Minogue (Lib Dem) 230
Frank Morgan (Lab) 778
Turnout: 1,840 Majority: 222

Distington & Moresby
Frank Hollowell (Lib Dem) 357
Cam Ross (Lab) 548
Helen Stevenson (BNP) 165 11.7%
Dorothy Wonnacott (Con) 343
Turnout: 1,413 Majority: 191

Gosforth & Ennerdale
Norman Clarkson (Con) 1189
Lynne Hicks (BNP) 173 9.4%
Peter Watson (Lab) 473
Turnout: 1835 Majority: 716

Hensingham & Arlecdon
Mike Hawkins (Lab) 730
Shaun Hornby (BNP) 254 17.1%
Marie Simpson (Con) 504
Turnout: 1,488 Majority: 226

Steve Gibbons (Lab) 706
Bill Pugh (BNP) 229 13%
Andrew Wonnacott (Con) 826
Turnout: 1,761 Majority: 120

Kells & Sandwith
Edward Caley-Knowles (UKIP) 180
Simon Nicholson (BNP) 491 30.9%
Wendy Skillicorn (Lab) 681
Brigid Whiteside (Con 238

Ray Cole (Con) 1231
Craig Eaton (BNP) 310 14.8%
Robin Pitt (Lab) 556
Turnout: 2,097 Majority: 675

Craig Burns (BNP) 249 24.9%
Glenn Gray (Con) 240
John Woolley (Lab) 512
Turnout: 1,001 Majority: 263

Seascale & Whicham
Sue Brown (Con) 1341
Carl Carter (Lab) 366
Nigel Gilligan (Green) 301
Russ Mclean (BNP) 166 7.6%
Turnout: 2,174 Majority: 975

St Bees & Egremont
Brian Allan (BNP) 193 10.7%
Sam Meteer (Ind) 477
Jane Micklethwaite (Con) 500
David Southward (Lab) 635
Turnout: 1,805 Majority: 135

Eden 199 votes in total. An average of 100 votes and 6.6% in wards contested.

Penrith North
Hilary Carrick (Con) 813
Anthony O’Malley (BNP) 94 5.1%
Geoffrey Rockliffe-King (Lab) 129
John Tompkins (Lib Dem) 798
Turnout: 1,834 Majority: 15

Penrith West
Charles Bickerstaffe (BNP) 105 8.2%
Sheelagh Delaney (Lab) 88
Michael Eyles (Lib Dem) 417
Helen Fearon (Con) 457
Colin Nineham (Ind) 203
Turnout: 1,270 Majority: 40

South Lakes – 70 votes in total, only one ward contested.

Kendal Strickland & Fell
Rae Cross (Lab) 158
Donna Devlin (BNP) 70 3.2%
Brendan Jameson (Lib Dem) 1575
Dan Ross (Con) 379
Turnout: 2182 Majority: 1196

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A vote for the BNP isn’t a protest vote…

It’s a vote for racism and fascism.

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Own goal

Hopefully, in the run up to European elections we can expect more own goals like this one:

Nick Griffin yesterday branded Gurkhas “mercenaries” who should not be allowed to stay in Britain.

The leader of the far-right British National Party said: “We don’t think the most overcrowded country in Europe, can realistically say, ‘Look, you can all come and all your relatives.’

“When the Gurkhas signed up – frankly as mercenaries – they expected a pension which would allow them to live well in their own country.

“Because of economic development in Nepal, the British Army pension isn’t now enough for them to be able to do that. It would be cheaper for us and probably far better for the Gurkhas to say, ‘Why don’t we just increase your pension so that more of you can live in Nepal rather than coming to Britain?'” Griffin made the comments on Nicky Campbell’s BBC Radio 5 Live breakfast show.

Martin Howe, solicitor to the Gurkhas, said: “Nick Griffin is wrong. He does not recognise the depth of feeling around the country that this is a debt of moral honour and gratitude.”

Keep up the good work Nick!

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BNP members clash with RMT members in Carlisle

According to the RMT:

Members of RMT (national rail, maritime and transport workers union) clashed on saturday with members of the BNP in Carlisle as they were out campaigning for for RMT-backed No2EU-Yes to Democracy left-wing coalition which is contesting seats across the UK in next months Euro elections.

.Police were called after the BNP reacted with hostility to No2EU campaigners handing out leaflets in close proximity to the regular BNP street stall in Carlisle. In an hour long standoff RMT/No2EU campaigners refused to be moved on by the BNP.

Shoppers told the No2 EU campaigners that they were delighted that at last someone had had the courage to stand up to the BNP on the streets of Carlisle.

ASLEF activist and No2EU candidate John Metcalfe said:

“The BNP have been leafletting Carlisle City Centre for months and obviously didn’t take kindly to being exposed for the fascists that they are by our campaign. They were openly agressive and hostile and it didn’t take long before the mask slipped and they started shouting fascist slogans.”

Craig Johnston, from RMT Executive and another member of the No2EU slate, added:

“I have lived and worked in and loved the city of Carlisle for 45 years. No one is going to intimidate and harass me off the streets of my home town.”

Bob Crow, RMT general secretary and convenor of No2EU, said:

“RMT members and No2EU supporters will not bow to intimidation from the BNP in Carlisle or anywhere else in the country. What today’s incident proves is that the BNP are worried about the socialist message of No2EU and it’s appeal to voters who are sick of the political elite in the UK and in the EU. No2EU is the only left-wing group challenging the BNP on the streets for the votes of the angry and the disaffected on June 4th. We will be stepping up our campaign in the coming weeks and offering voters a socialist alternative to the poison and hatred of the far right.”

This would seem to be part of a general trend in Cumbria as the BNP grow more confident on the streets. In the Kells and Sandwith by-election BNP members/supporters tried to intimidate people from Whitehaven Against Racism who were leafleting the estate.

Expect more of this sort of thing as the elections get nearer.

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Once more into the breach

It’s been quiet round here hasn’t it?

It’s that time of year again though. The European and local elections are less than a month away and both the racists and the anti-racists election campaigns are underway. This is the crucial year. The BNP are throwing all their resources and effort into getting Nick Griffin elected to the European parliament in the North-West and getting a councillor in Cumbria.

In West Cumbria we’re facing a full slate of BNP candidates in Copeland and seven candidates in Allerdale. In Carlisle there’s a full slate of 17 BNP candidates.

If you want to get involved in anti-racist campaigns in Maryport, Workington, Whitehaven, Wigton, Carlisle or Penrith (we’re keeping busy this year!) then drop us an email:

maryportagainstracism ‘at’

Replace the ‘at’ with @.

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By their friends you shall know them

Not had much to say for myself for a while.

My bloggers block has been abruptly ended while browsing the Cumbria BNP site ‘Cumbrian Patriots’, run by local organiser and North-West elections officer Clive Jefferson, and seeing the following pictures of recent BNP activity in Carlisle posted up there by Clive.

After denying strenuously for so long that the BNP are anything to do with fascism or even the far right it seems Clive has decided to come clean and admit the truth. His confession comes in the form of a couple of photos he’s posted up on his blog.

In the first photo we can see most of the main activists and organisers of Cumbria BNP plus some bloke who I think is from the North East:


If you look at the bloke on the front row on the left you’ll notice he’s wearing an unusual symbol and slogan on his top.

Here he is a bit closer up:


People with a bit of knowledge about the modern day neo-Nazi in Europe will immediately recognise the symbol as the Celtic cross, a common symbol used by neo-Nazis in Europe and America and the phrase ‘Fourteen Words’ around it.

The ‘Fourteen Words’ is a slogan used by white nationalists across the world and was originally coined by American neo-Nazi David Lane, a member of the terrorist group ‘The Order’. They read:

“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

It’s taken from a longer statement from Volume 1, Chapter 8 of Adolf Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’.

This is recognised as a neo-Nazi symbol all across Europe, and for that reason displaying it is banned in Germany.

Apparently though it’s OK for him to be an active member or supporter of the BNP and other active members are happy to be photographed alongside him. They don’t discriminate against people like that.

Was he just a passer by then? Not part of the Carlisle BNP election team at all? Just popped into the photo and none of the main activists, who are stood behind him, saw him or his jacket?

Nope, it looks like he’s a regular attendee at BNP events in the city. Here is another photo of him, wearing the same ’14 words’ top, while on a BNP stall in the city centre:


Where would you even buy one of those jackets? It’s not like you could buy one from JJB and claim you didn’t know what it meant or just come across it.

If the BNP were handing out the leaflets they usually do, claiming they’re nothing to do with fascism or Nazism it’s just a baseless smear by their opponents, they were doing it while one of them was wearing neo-Nazi symbols!

Amazingly the ‘top journalist’ from The Independent who gave them free, sympathetic publicity last week doesn’t seem to have noticed anything like that on his brief trip to Cumbria. I think that article says more about the quality of what passes for mainstream journalism in this country than the local BNP lot.

Anti-fascists in Cumbria are continually thankful that local elections ‘guru’ Clive is such an idiot and I for one would like to go out of my way to thank him, cheers Clive you’ve played a blinder this time.

Not only do you let people dressed in Nazi symbols come leafleting with you, you then post up the pictures proving it on your blog. Nice one.

Just a quick note, I don’t think that the rise of the BNP can be halted solely by calling them Nazis or pointing out that they are fascists but this was too good of an opportunity to miss.

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Carlisle Against Racism on TV

The Politics Show North East and Cumbria had a slot on the BNP in Cumbria this evening featuring a good performance from Brent of Carlisle Against Racism.

If you missed it you can watch it again online. It’s well worth watching.

The report starts about 32 minutes in.

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